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Recharge Rally &

Heinzerling Community

One of our goals with the Recharge Rally was to give back to the community around us and support the missions of different charitable foundations. This year we are pleased to announce a partnership with Heinzerling Community as the official foundation sponsor of The Recharge Rally!

A Legacy of Caring

For 62 years the Heinzerling Community has been committed to caring for children and adults with severe or profound developmental disabilities. Their compassionate and dedicated staff focus on creating a nurturing environment in which individuals have opportunities to learn, have fun, feel safe and loved, and make choices about what happens in their lives. The Heinzerling Community strives for individuals to live as independently as possible while receiving the physical, emotional and medical supports to live a life full of opportunities for growth and development.

You can learn more about Heinzerling Community and their efforts at their website

www.Heinzerling.org or by clicking the button below

Our Time to Give Back

As a supportive partner to Heinzerling Community, we will be donating proceeds from this year's Recharge Rally to directly support their cause! We've also partnered together to create a personalized donation page on the Heinzerling Community website for our past and present ralliers, as well as our supporters. 

Donations go a long way in providing residents with the experiences and equipment that greatly enhance their quality of life. We ask that you consider a one-time donation or recurring gift to Heinzerling Community and help make a meaningful impact on someones life today! 

We'd love your support in helping us reach our 2021 goal of donating $5,000!