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Join us May 29th for our Summer Warmup Cruise

with BlockAChip!    


For the second year in a row we've partnered with BlockAChip to host the Summer Warmup Cruise! A private gathering of 50 drivers and their cars spending the morning carving hand selected back roads! To cap off the cruise this year we'll head to the Fatman's Invasion car show for 1/4 mile drag racing and a reserved section in the show for our group. Pash Co. Roasters will be on-site at the beginning of the cruise with specialty coffee available for all drivers. 

Registration for this event is required - scroll down to learn more!

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Show Parking:

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Registration Information

Due to the capacity limit for this event, registration is required to partake. To register for this event, you can click HERE or click the button below to be taken to the registration form. After registering, drivers will be informed via the email provided of their approval into the event. In-depth event details such as time, starting location and cruise directions will then be sent to drivers who have been accepted!

Registration for this event is $10.00 for all attendees and will be used for your admission into the Fatman's Invasion Show. Drag racing is an additional $10.00 and is completely optional for all attendees! These fees will be collected at the start of the event.

Questions? Email us at

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